Frequently Asked Questions
Eclipse Safety

Safety is a key factor in a successful eclipse viewing event. We hope everyone will take this with caution and get the protective eyewear for the viewing.  Bring Your Own Eclipse Glasses.  At this time we have limited numbers of glasses left in Highlands.  Please remember to fasten them for the children in a secure way.

Trash and Recycling

While gazing up at our Sun and Moon please remember the Earth below your feet. Highlands is a environmentally friendly community. Please respect our town and place recyclables and garbage in the proper receptacles located throughout town. If hiking in to an area we ask that you practice a leave-no-trace ethic, packing out with you everything which was brought in. Thank you!

Respecting Others Viewing Experience

The natural phenomenon of a total solar eclipse is awesome to behold.  We are calling together our greater Highlands community to celebrate, as well as observe with respecting your neighbors by not talking loudly or creating disturbances.  We are asking for reverence so all can enjoy this once in a lifetime event.


We are expecting a higher volume of traffic on the Monday of the eclipse.  For ease and flow of our visitors, we have designated these lots and shuttle areas for parking:  (please see map)

  • The gravel lot behind the dog park
  • Highlands Community Building
  • Zachary Park (Also a viewing site)
  • Visitor Center Parking Lot
Food and Drink

Local non-profits will be selling food and beverages at Kelsey Hutchinson park and at the Ball Field. You can also visit our delicious local eateries around Highlands to grab a bit of nourishment before and after the total eclipse (2:30pm).

Reminder: The Town of Highlands “No Open Container” ordinance is in effect for alcoholic beverages.


There is a public restroom at Kelsey Hutchinson Park as well as porta-potties will be situated throughout town, such as at Visitor’s Center, Library, etc.  Also, some local churches on and around Main St have offered to open to the public as well. Here is a map of additional public porta-potties:

Highlands Eclipse Portable Restroom Map

The porta-potties will have signage that day directing you there.

A Word About Pets

Pets are best left at home during the eclipse.  The effect of an eclipse on the behavior of animals has been noted.  As with any natural phenomenon, it is is difficult to know how your pet make react in public.

National Eclipse Info

We invite you to visit for additional resources on eclipse safety and planning.

Town Ordinances for Eclipse Festival

Highlands Police Department asks you to enjoy this day safely and to please abide by our local laws, such as *No Open Containers, pet clean up (see our suggestion about NOT bringing your pets, *No Tobacco use in the park, etc.  See Highlands’ Town Ordinances below and Thank You!

Ordinances and Laws for Eclipse Festival