The Science

An eclipse is an astronomical event that occurs when an astronomical object is temporarily obscured, either by passing into the shadow of another body or by having another body pass between it and the viewer.

There are many kinds of eclipses – total solar, partial solar, annular, and lunar to name a few.

Partial eclipses are pretty common, and you may have been a part of one of those.

Lunar eclipses happen at night, and they can be seen by half the world at the same time!

Annular eclipses are much rarer, but you need to have special filters to see them, so many people don’t even know they’re going on!

But a total eclipse – these are extremely rare, extremely beautiful, and the bare-eye view of totality is absolutely unmistakable to anyone in the thin path! On August 21st, 2017, Highlands NC will enter the path of totality of the 2017 Total Eclipse and we can’t wait to view it with you!

The Community

The quaint town of Highlands, NC is a hidden jewel just 2 hours drive north of Atlanta surrounded by the Nantahala National Forest and situated atop a plateau at elevation 4118 feet.

Experience mother natures’ four seasons, explore scenic drives and hiking trails; stroll beneath Dry Falls, drive under Bridal Veil Falls or view Whitewater Falls – the tallest east of the Rockies at 411 feet.

Visit Highlands for the ultimate mountain and total eclipse experience!

Highlands, North Carolina